"Another Land" Website Launched

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"Another Land", watercolour, acrylic, collage and natural forms on linen.
"Another Land is a new and distinctive art history project for 2010 by Red Field Arts. The aim of the project is to both create and inspire new connections to the history of Fife and to several of its key historic places.

As a project for new ideas and reflections on our history, Another Land is an imaginative journey into the distant past of Fife and draws together five key historic places for you to discover and explore.

Use to follow the journey on-line as well as a starting point to heading out and following it in the real and present-day lands and coastlines of Fife."

(quoted from the home page of the website)

My brief was to interpret the idea of a journey - both of the imagination and a physical journey - around a series of historic sites in west Fife, through imagery infused with colour, texture and mood inspired by these sites.