"Frissure": New publication of a collaboration with Kathleen Jamie now available

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"Frissure" book jacket
"Frissure" is an exquisite collection of prose-poems and illustrative work exploring healing, mortality, intimacy, memory and the natural world. It is about the intimate process of looking and seeing as it passes from one person – a cancer patient – looking at herself, from being ‘examined’ by a surgeon, to being looked at by an artist. In each situation a transformation occurs. The gaze of the patient on her own body and its post-operative scarring is objectified by that of the surgeon assessing the success of his work. But then the creative eye of the artist takes over and what was regarded as a mark of disease and of violation takes on an extraordinary flowering, and becomes a thing of beauty.

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Kathleen Jamie’s poetry collections to date include The Overhaul which won the 2012 Costa Poetry Prize and The Tree House, which won the Scottish Book of the Year Award. Her non-fiction includes the highly regarded volumes Findings and Sightlines. She is Professor of Poetry at Stirling University, and lives with her family in Fife.