"Lachrimae, or Seven Teares", inspired by music composed by John Dowland in 1604.

Charcoal on Fabriano 'Not' surface watercolour paper. I'm drawing and being creative every day during lock down and finding it to be incredibly therapeutic.
"Lachrimae, or Seven Teares"
I've been drawing lilies that I was given as a gift, as these are such symbolic flowers at Easter time. Observing these most graceful of natural forms while they are dying back is at once beautiful, moving and a timely reminder that all is transient in this world. Composer John Dowland points to the possibility for the coexistence of complex emotions within us, writing in his dedication in the sheet music for this that there are different types of tears. “The teares which Musicke weeps” can be pleasant; “neither are teares shed always in sorrow but sometime in joy and gladnesse”.